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Air Conditioner

Have a Rheem 90 Plus furnace with central air. Have a huge amount of water coming from between the bonnet and the furnace. Actually runs on the basement floor. I cleaned the outside unit. Cleaned the condensate pump. Coming from the bonnet are two pipes. One appears to be regular pipe with threads on the end to which is attacted a female pvc reducer which goes to 3/4". Tube goes to condensate pump. Doesn't appear that very much water comes thru the drain as the pump doesn't run very ofter. The other pipe coming out of the bonnet is copper, about 3/4" and has a rubber plug in it. I pulled the plug and got about 2 pints of water to run out of it. After that, the water coming between the bonnet and furnace top started to reduce. Is my problem a plugged drain? Does that pvc pipe need to be cut and them coupled back with glue? How do you clean it when you can't really get inside the bonnet? 12 year old furnce/ac and have done nothing to it. Thanks!!
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You'll want to take care of this right away. We just had a gentleman on the forum this week who had a Rheem 90+ with an obstructed drain. The water flooded the control box and damaged the electronic board. You're right: you want to cut the pvc pipe and, if possible, unthread the adaptor. Stick the hose of your shop vac to the opening and suck out all the gunk you can. Then, take the pieces of piping out in the yard and flush them out real good with your garden hose. Reassemble, and see how it turns out. If the leaking persists, you'll have to get inside the cooling coil area and clean out the drain pan itself and possibly clean the cooling coil. It's also possible that the drain pan has rusted thru. I usually pull the cooling coils out and clean them with a foaming action coil cleaner. With the coil out, you can inspect the drain pan in good light. This type of repair is beyond the homeowner level because you have to have an EPA certification in order to handle the refrigerant.

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