Outside Fan Motor

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Outside Fan Motor

Last night I noticed it was hot in the house, went outside and the fan was not turning, heard humming like the compressor was on or trying to run. I shut the Unit down . I was told it most likely is the Fan motor, so I purchased another one. With it came a capacitor. The old Unit (Carrier Central Unit, 4 Ton, 11 Yrs Old) has a 3 prong capacitor whereas the new one only has 2 prongs. The old capacitor has the prongs labled Fan, C, and Herm. The new capacitor has not labels at all. Each set of prongs on the new cap has room for 4 wires on each prong. The new motor has a brown wire, a brown/w wire, a yellow wire and a black wire. The wiring diagram has the 2 brown wires going to the capacitor and the other 2 to the leads. I first installed the fan motor w/o changing the capacitor and the motor came on and the AC cooled for about 2 minutes, then the fan motor stopped. I know I should have changed the capacitor, but not sure to what to do with the other wires that are on the old capacitor. I also have a start capacitor (Round), and a relay switch on this unit. The new capacitor has Run/Start on it. Someone told me all I need to do is connect the brown and brown/w wire to the new capacitor and the yellow wire also to the capacitor and then have a hot wire coming in to the capacitor. They said the other wires that go from the old capacitor to the Start capacitor and the realy switch could be taped off and not used. Sounds funny to me, just wanted to check before I mess up something, Thanks for any help.

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Put the brown & brown/white wires on your new capacitor, put the black wire and the yellow wire on the bottom of your contactor (the side of your contactor that doesnt have power until the button is pushed in/stat calls for cooling). There should be prongs so you can push on spade terminals-on EACH side of power. Or, you could go buy you a combo capacitor, the same rating as your old one, and wire it exactly like the old one and change nothing, and forget about the capacitor that came with your new fan. Chances are, it is bad anyway.

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