Temp at vent is 78 degrees C?

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Temp at vent is 78 degrees C?

I have a old Rheem model no REAB 1415 JXX. It started to accumulate alot of ice on the cooling coils in the attic and the unit was not cooling well at all. I verified the blower and condenser motors were both working. I replaced the filter and put new batteries in my digital Honeywell termostat.

Upon performing a more closer inspection the cooling colis had alot of gunk on them. I let the ice defrost overnite and with a wet/dry shop vac and a air compressor with a engine cleaning nozzel, I cleaned the coils very well with hot water with simple green at about 80psi. I had no problem shinning a flash light through the coils when finished. I plastic wrapped the heating coils and electrical components to prevent water damage.

I cleaned up turned on breakers and the flow in my ducts is unreal. There is excellent flow. My problem is that the temp at the vent is 77-78 degrees F. Both motors are working and the compressor is working but the large line coming from the compressor is a little cool but not cold like it should.

Down here in south TX it's about 100 today and the unit runs and runs and the temp in the house stays about 87-88.

Any Ideas what could be the problem? The only thing I will not do, and havent done is have someone check the FREON.
Thanks for any help, SAN ANTONIO.
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10 degree

temp drop from supply to return is unacceptable. sounds as though you have checked most bases, unit may be low on refrigerant, or possibly overcharged due to the newly cleaned evap
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I don't intend to spoil anyones day, but Rheem units are real bad for springing freon leaks on the indoor coils.
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Thanks guys for the info. I am going to have someone come out and look at it tomorrow for the freon. I learned all the other stuff I tried through this forum. I read through everything, tried it before I asked any basic questions. Again thanks.
ADIOS from San Antonio......

I will tell ya what happens with the AC guy tomorrow.
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Unit works good again.

Unit works good now. Getting 61.7 degrees out of the AC vent.
Unit was 4 lbs low on Freon.

Thanks, San Antonio.

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