12,500 btu window AC unit- compressor?

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12,500 btu window AC unit- compressor?

I have a 12,500 btu Whirlpool 220 1 ph window AC unit that has a problem. The unit is about 11 yrs old and has had a longstanding problem (several years) with the compressor start delay after 2-3 times from the thermal cut out. After a couple of tries (lights dimming) it will finally start. This does not happen the first time it is turned on but will usually happen most of the time afterward. When it runs it cools very well. Power to the AC unit is nominally 228 VAC.

THE PROBLEM: Yesterday the compressor would not start at all. I pulled the ac unit out from the enclosure and noted that the compressor was warm to the touch even though it had not been running. I cut all the power and discharged (there was no sign of a spark) the motor start/run capacitor. The cap has no markings on it. I installed a hard start cap/relay and the unit still would not start. I cleaned all of the terminals on the cap as they were badly corroded before I installed the hard start kit.

QUESTION: I believe I have the hard start kit /cap installed properly. ?? There are 3 large separate & insulated clusters of terminals coming from the cap. I assume that the other side may be used for the fan. After installing the hard start kit, the fan motor (not compressor) seems to start slow for about 8 seconds before coming up to speed. Didn't happen before. If there was a schematic on the unit it is now worn off. Does anyone have info on typical values for the original motor start/run cap in case it might be bad. How likely is it that the compressor has given up and needs to be replaced (pitched)?

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Look on the top of the cap, you should see terminals marked C, H, F or maybe C, Fan, Herm. C is common, F is for the fan and Herm is for the compressor. Are you sure you have the hard start kit wired across the terminals for the compressor motor and not the fan motor? It's possible the compressor is worn but you really won't know until you try replacing the run capacitor. If you copy down the model & serial number from the nameplate, an appliance parts store should be able to look up a replacement for you. I'm going to guess that the cap would be 15/5 uf and 370vac.

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