Compressor clicks off

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Angry Compressor clicks off

My AC wasn't cooling too well (air ~65-68F) on a 100F day. They came out, sprayed it with water to clean the coils and then gave it a Freon charge. The cooling greatly improved. But after they left it now comes on the first time for ~10-20 minutes then the compressor will continuously click on and off every 10 seconds.
Any idea why? They came back and claim it is a bad unit and must be replaced.
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I can't say what might be causing this, but if it didn't do it before they came out the first time I'd be suspicious. Before replacing the unit, you should call in a different contractor to evaluate this situation.
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Hmmm... Does the entire outdoor unit go on/off that quickly or JUST the compressor? Can you look inside the control box on the outdoor unit and see if the contactor [big relay looking thing] is going in and out or does it stay pulled in?
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WHole unit

Entire unit seems to kick on and off very quickly.
Someone mentioned it could be an overpresurization of freon causing it to overheat, but then I would expect it to stay off a while until it cools down.
But if I spray the coils with a hose, the unit kicks back on very quickly (within second of spraying with hose) which makes me think it is getting cooled of by the water.
PLus it seems to work better when it is cold out, like at night.
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I'm thinking that it's probably overcharged with freon and possibly there is some air mixed in with the freon.It doesn't take much air for a unit to go totally haywire on a real hot day. Another thing to look into is that, on some brands, the outdoor coil is actually two coils, back to back. Dirt gets trapped in between the two coils and the only way to get it out is to take the top off of the unit, separate the coils and clean in between them. Feel the small freon line at the outdoor unit. [when the unit is running] Is it warm to hot or does it feel cool or about outside temperature? It sounds like you're right about the excessive pressure. If you keep running it like this, it will smoke the compressor. $$$.

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