Booster Fan - Is it worth trying?

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Question Booster Fan - Is it worth trying?

We have a first floor space on the opposite side of the house as the furnace that receives little to no airforce from the furnace. Its not that the air the area gets is cold as that there really isn't any air.

To date, we have used space heaters to keep this area (office) heated as it is typically about 7-8 degrees colder than the rest of the house. We have adjusted all the duct dampers and registers throughout the house to make the most of our heat (e.g. closed dampers nearest thermostat).

We need to redo the ductwork that was installed to this space. It is at the end of a horizontal run from the furnace but the part that connects this problem area (an addition) was constructed with "expandable" ducting (you know like a clothes dryer duct). While we are at it, should we go ahead and try one of these in-line blowers? All the forum responses seem to discourage these fans. But we have to replace the ducting anyway and I would hate to do all of that and still wish we had tried the blower.

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I'd get rid of those "Dryer like" duct and put in the ridged metal 5" pipe instead. And also, Was house added on over the years?? Reason I ask is that the duct may not be propuly sized.. Yours may only be only like...

====================== (f;ex pipes)
_________________====================== (flex pipes)

Then at the end your running these flex pipes another 20 feet?? you will lose your air flow big time! the bumps in those pipes acts like an air bumper.

The duct should slowly down size as it gets down to the end like.

====== (metal pipe)
___________====== (metal pipe)

*Hope these "Duct drawing" stays in place.. It may all get smashed to the right!!? :-(

and have short runs of the round pipes to the floor vents..

I've never used boosters fan when I was in the field, I checked on the duct work, and also may speed up the furnace fan if it was set at lower speeds.

I've just heard booster fans can be noisey, and I am sure you don't want to hear it clattering away in your bedroom/office.

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