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After my system staying odor free for about a month, the odor is back. Here's the deal: As long as the compressor is running the air is fresh and has NO odor. When the compressor kicks off and the blower keeps going ( for the delay ) there is an odor like freezer burn. I have cleaned the coil 3 times. Each time the odor seems to go away for a while, but it always returns. What is this Freezer burn smell? (Not like something burning) Just a stale feezer burned smell.
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Its only natural that when the compressor is off, this is when you get the odor. This is one big reason to keep clean filters.Don't know how you cleaned the coil or even how dirty it is, but you need to take a flashlight and see if you can see the light from the back side of the coil, especially down at the bottom. If you can't see light shining thru and its plugged up, your best bet then it to call a hvac tech and let him pull the coil to the outside and wash it down with the hose. If this is the case, then 5 will get you 10, the blower wheel is full of dirt also and it needs cleaning. Its hard to thouroughly clecn a plugged coil without removal and we can assume here that it is, or was plugged up. If you've got pets in the house, they could be helping with the odor. If you've been buying elcheapo filters, I suggest you purchase better quality filters. If your coil and blower are clean, then its probably damp, moldy insulation inside the ahu cabinet and/or in your ductwork, in which you might take some diluted chlorox and spray it inside the cabinet, etc.. If the fiberglass is wet, take a deep breath and let the fan ONLY, dry it out. Good luck.

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