freezing air conditioner line


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freezing air conditioner line

I live right outside of Philadelphia where the temperature has been approaching 100 degrees. The compressor and refrigerant line began forming ice about two days ago and the house started getting hot . The unit is a Goodman Air Conditioner ( 3 ton with a 3.5 ton air handler) that the previous owner put in about two years ago. I'd like to get some input on what might be causing this problem. All replies will be greatly appreciated.
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lynn comstock
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Have your replaced the dirty filter with a clean one?

Low airflow or Low refrigerant flow in the evaporator OR BOTH cause the low indoor coil temperatures that cause the indoor coil to freeze up.

1) Turn the cooling off for 1 to 2 hours and leave the indoor fan switch on the stat set to the ON position. The air moving across the coil will defrost it.
2) If the air filter is dirty, replace it with a new clean filter that fills the filter space completely. That will probably do it.

3) Then run the system and check the indoor coil for icing every 10 or 15 minutes until the freezing STARTS. Look at the freezing area of the coil. IS THE ENTIRE COIL FREEZING OR IS ONLY A PART OF THE COIL FREEZING?
4) IF the coil icing is TOTAL at the START, the airflow is low. Check the indoor coil with a light and a mirror to see if the fin spaces are clogged with dirt. If so the coil needs to be pressure washed with soap and water to drive the embedded dirt out of the coil.
5) IF the coil icing is PARTIAL at the START, the indoor coil is not getting enough refrigerant because:
...........A) Your system is low on refrigerant (most likely reason) or
........... B) Your metering device (expansion valve) is not operating correctly.

6) The solution depends on the underlying cause (steps 4 or 5 above). You could handle the cleaning (step 4…full coil icing pattern) if you can find a way to contain the cleaning water so as not to damage the equipment components or the house. The solutions to step five (partial icing pattern) require an EPA certified technician.
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Thank you for the very quick response. I have not checked the indoor evaporator coil in the air handler to see if it is also freezing up. The freezing I noticed was on the compressor and refrigerant line outside the house. Would your solution(s) address the outside freezing?
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lynn comstock
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The freezing you see is carried over from the indoor coil.

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