Condensation on my duct work in crawl space

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Condensation on my duct work in crawl space

I have yet another question. I was looking under my house and I noticed that there is condensation dripping from my main duct. My ducts are insulated and I have been told two different things and I need help to find out what to believe. One person an AC repairman told me that since its humid the insulation sweats and thats what causes it and someone else told me that sounds like a moisture problem like a possible hole in the works. I dont know what to do. I do have a musty smell coming from my vents and I cant stand it anymore. Please anyone.....
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I assme the ducts are insulated on the outside? Once the insulation is wet, it's no good. The repair would be to strip off all the old insulation, repair any leaks in the ducts, and rewrap with new insulation. Working underneath a house would be a pain in the drain. Search thru some of the recent posts for ideas on how to insulate the ducts. The musty smell could be from a dirty cooling coil, junk in the drain pan or slime/mold buildup in the ducts.
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One additional important component to your crawlspace is to make sure that it is properly vented. If there isn't 1 square foot of vent for every 150 square foot of crawl space, then it isn't properly vented. Get some air movement under there and that should help with the musty smell and perhaps with the condensation on the ducts.
Good luck.

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