AC keeps freezing up

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Question AC keeps freezing up

I know NOTHING about AC's except to change the filter on a regular basis, which I do. I live in an townhouse which of course uses the LEAST efficient AC the law will allow. When I moved in less than a month ago they put in a new outside unit, It is a split unit, the part of the AC that is inside freezes up on a daily basis, and I keep it set at 76. The condensation drips into the middle of my kitchen floor--nice huh?

I can visibly see that one of the "pipes" on the AC is coated with ice and on either end of the pipe there is torn insulation. There is also a MASSIVE amount of peeling aluminum tape all over the thing. I have retaped alot of the peeling parts and I am not sure if I did any good, but it is certainly quieter.

My question is, what can I do to prevent my AC from freezing up or what can I make the crappy maintence guys do to fix this? My oldest son (who is 3 1/2) has severe sleep apnea and without the AC he has horrible episodes and I have to shake him to make him breathe! My youngest son is only 9 months old and I am due again in December so having no AC for half the day is NOT an option.

HELP?? I am clueless here.
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Since a new outside unit was installed, I would have them check the indoor unit to make sure the indoor coil is not dirty. You do not know how the previous tenant change the filters. If coil is dirty, this would make it freeze. the only other things that would make one freeze is low on freon, bad metering device, or indoor fan motor shutting off because of motor being bad or bad capacitor for the motor. Well I guess a kinked copper line could cause it also. Hmm, lack of air flow could cause it. ie if the return air to the unit is blocked.
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could be a dirty coil, I looked in the space behind the filter and it is full of dust and debris. It looks like the previous tenant didn't use filters based on the amount of junk in there. Looks like I am going to have to put in a request to maintenace to come clean the darn thing. Right now I am under a hurricane watch though so I think the AC can wait now!
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In addition to what Nominal mentioned, if your indoor coil is plugged up as you indicated, in all probability the blower squirrel cage is also filthy. If you can, take a flashlite and shine it thru the backside of the coil (if you can). You should be able to see the light. If not, then its plugged with gook internally. You've got two choices. Gently wire brush the entering air side of the coil. Too much pressure and you force the dirt further in. Using a pressure sprayer and some liquid coil cleaner would be next and washing out with clear water, last. Doing this will usually make one big mess to clean up and will only be a bandaid for the problem. If the blower is dirty, I suggest it not be touched but left alone, unless its removed to the outside and washed out.. Cleaning it inside the house and you'll hav dust throughout the house on startup. The proper and best way is to remopve the coil and blower wheel, outside, wash them out and bingo, its done right. However, this means removing freon, evacuation, recharging, etc. Takes longer, more experience, equiptment, knowhow and an agreeable maintenance guy. Good luck.

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