Gas forced air problem

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Gas forced air problem

OK, I'm a basic DIYer but know nothing about electrical or many appliances. But the prob I'm having is that my fuse in my furnace keeps blowin' out. Up until a few days ago my A/C and furnace worked great, both within a few years old. BUt all of a sudden neither turned fan or hum from A/C blower or hum from furnace in the garage. I checked the A/C unit itself (looked inside) and everything seems normal. I check the furnace and everything looks the way it should, but when I check the 15 amp fuse it was blown. So I got a new one and replaced it, as soon as I turned on the thermostat to A/C to cool the house, my wife (who was looking at the fuse while I turned it on) saw it pop. So I tried again with another fuse....same thing, it popped. Like I said I don't know much about electrical, but I seem prety sure there must be a short or overload somewhere. I have no idea where to begin to check it out. Any help would be greatly thanked!

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shorted circuit

check all wiring with the supply voltage to the furnace off. look for burnt wires, evidence of smoke, can you spin the fan? if you have a meter, let us know
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Well, I looked into it some more...

OK, Thank God it's not winter or I'd freeze to death. I've been w/o a furnace for a week and have finally found time to get back to it. I've talked to guys that know a little more about furnaces than I and had a couple of 'em come over and take a look. So far everybody is pretty much settled that it is the blower. But they haven't ruled out the converter?, (something that sounds like that, I can't remember already..damn what a week!) Nobody hooked up anything to it so it's all just talk from looking at it and checking the wires and such. No I don't have a meter but they're only a few bucks for a simple one, only thing is, is that there are alot of wires, so it'll take time to find the right ones if I have to check anything. (they should be in the manual, right?) BTW, it's a TECH made by Consolidated Industries, downward forced.
Thanx for replying HVAC.
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Try disconnesting the blower motor wires -then turn it on
no blown fuse= bad motor
blown fuse = electric problem somwhere in the circuit

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