Cleaning refrig/freezer coils

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Cleaning refrig/freezer coils

According to my owner's manual. I've got to pull out my refrig/freezer to clean the backside of the coils. I can to that but the problem is that there will still be a pile of crud inside of the "cage." I can clean only the front and back faces of the coils, not the inside of the coil unit since the fins effectively create a cage that is impenetrable to cleaning devices. I would appreciate any advice in cleaning the coils. One option is to cut the fins. It has to be carefully done and one safety requirement would be to wear safety goggles (just in case the tube is cut accidentally). Any comments or suggestions would be appreciated.
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lynn comstock
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Well, this may work.

Many vacuums have way to hook up the attachment hose to BLOW. If you can do that, you can blow the dirt out and clean up the kitchen afterwards. The attachment for reaching into the cracks in the sofa would help focus the air into a higher velocity air stream. Wear a dust mask.

Good luck.
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now this is something i can do. i use a vacuum with 2 hoses one is used for blowing and the other is used for sucking. this is a really strong vac i got from home depot. it works well but some stuff blows around the house. guess dust mask is good idea.
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Pegleg Smith
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This is what I do for mine.

I take it outside, take the covers off, and use a water hose to clean the coils. I usually use my pressure washer but a water hose works just fine, too. Let it sit for awhile to drain the water, then move it back into place. I unload it first naturally. I don't have to use a hand truck but it's quicker moving it.

If you have the ability, try it. You will be pleased with the results!

I also use water and coil cleaner to clean commercial condensers on restuarant reach-in boxes. I have waded into walk-in boxes with hoses and cleaners to clean the evaporators, also. A good shop vac is required if the equipment can't be moved outside.

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