Cold Air Returns

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Unhappy Cold Air Returns

After reading the archives, I think I may have loosely answered my own question, but let me make sure, k. .
I have an older home that was moved here which consequently has a shallow crawl space. I have noticed some corrosion and possibly holes in the 16" cold air return pipes under the house. So naturally I called a furnace company to see what the prognosis would be, patching, replacing, etc. He suggested that I go thru the top of the plenum into the attic, running a new cold air return supply entirely with with the vent being in a centrally located hallway, replacing the two floor vents I have now with just the one in the ceiling. Taking off the now existing cold air supply from the side of the furnace, (gaining a whole foot of floor space for shoes, lol) and patching the plenum with aluminum and sealant. The run for the new ductwork would be approx 24', I have seen elsewhere in the archives that flex is not suitable or up to code, so with that in mind, I'm assuming that if I have 16" duct work below, it would be 16" above as well.
The house is approx 1100 sq ft. with a 100k btu 80% efficient furnace and a 2.5 ton a/c, does this all sound feasible and correct and also would it be a do it yourselfer project? Thanks, I have learned a lot in a short amount of time while coming across this site. The internet comes across again, hehe
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If I read your post correctly

Yes it does sound correct. A do it yourself project? Running metal requires a fair amount of tools and materials. Also, not sure sure about the area where you live, but in Florida, if returns in the attic have to be sealed with duct sealer and then wrapped with r-6 insulation. In your post you did not mention insulation. I would problably make sure he insulates.

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