Thermostat or????

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Thermostat or????

2 weeks ago I had air duct cleaning service man to clean the air duct on my whole house before winter comes and this week I tried to turn on air condition and nothing happened not even fan, its completely dead, we checked the fuse box and nothing worng.

Please help!
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Thank you for all your suggestions but we tried all that (my neighbor is an electrician he helped us checked them all).

I think my fan is also centralized, the blower is at outdoor all I have to do is turn the thermostat to fan and usually it will turn on right away.

Yes, the A/C and heater worked fine before the cleaning guy worked on my house and he even asked us to turn on the heater to test it before he cleans it.

Anybody knows why?
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Not sure what type of system u have but, make sure unit is not running. It could be running but duct could be torn loose and air is blowing under house or in the attic. If nuttin is actually running then u could have a 24v transformer problem or a low voltage fuse blown. This fuse would be in the unit somewhere. However, transformers and fuse usually don't go bad. They are caused to fail by a short. ie, Thermostat wire got cut, or a low voltage short somewhere. Also depending on where transformer is located, you could also have a burnt wire inside the equipment causing the unit not to have the voltage it needs.
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You could also check the door switch on your furnace. Duct cleaners may not have got the door back on tight not allowing the door safety switch to close.
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Smile Problem dected

I asked the air duct cleaning company come back and check what' wrong and he found out(not the same guy) the safty swith was not on and the previous cleaning man left without testing the furance.

Thank you, you guessed right!

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