Heard thru word of mouth.

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Heard thru word of mouth.

"Let the fan in the central heating and cooling unit running all season to minimize breakdown" (not sure if I heard it right) and "leave the outside cooling unit open (do not cover whatsoever) during the winter season to check....rusting".

In other words, as-soon-as you turn the unit on, leave it on.

Fact? (or) Fiction?

Pros will tell you to do so but will not offer any advice if you don't ask. But, how will you know what to ask if you have no inclination.
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in my opinion

i personally leave the fan in the auto position during the summer. until recently i would argue otherwise. i now realize that when a condenser cuts off, being satisfied by the tstat, there is now a wet coil in the airstream giving its humidity back into the space. just like a humidifier pad. in the winter, if the fan in the on position does not cause cool drafts, i leave it on. i have a high efficiency air filtration system, and prefer to run the fan, but not enough to increase the humidity during the summer.
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-Leaving fan "On" all times..

I agree with HVAC4U on running it in the summer time. It does seem to have cool/damp air in the home after the compressor cycles off. so I've ran it on Auto on really hot summer days. and "On" on mild days..

Winter time, I've left it on all the time to help clean the air, and also with the fresh air brought into the home with the Air/Air exchanger, or fresh air vent hooked up to the system. And also keeps the basement comfortable by "Pulling" away the cold air on the floor.

-Covering the system...

I was told and seen mouse/rats eat away on wires in the system when they are wrapped up! By covering it will keep the moister in the system, and cause rust down the road.. Covering it will be a "winter home" for mice and what not in the winter time. The wind is not going to "blow" into the home with it not being covered. I got a neighbor who W R A P his up with anything he can get his hands on! he been told cold air leaks into the home with out it being covered.

If you have a window A/C take it out in the winter time.. If you are NOT able to take it out of the window, or built into the wall, then yes, go ahead and put covers on them.. They are not at ground level for mice to get into it.

I used and told others if they need to protect the system from ice falling off of the roof. Just lay a piece of plywood on top of the fan grill and put a rock or brick on the plywood to keep the wind blowing it off.

If they A/C company wanted us to cover the system, they would of supplied them along with the system. I only seen Lennox selling covers for it, and they are Ok.. It only covers half of the system, and it keeps the ice out of the fan area, and still able to get air to keep it "dry".. It seems like the wind catches it and blows it off.

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