hot water coil problem


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hot water coil problem

My hot water coil gets coated on my oil furnace, I've used cleaner treatment in the jackets but I'm loosing heat. What can I do to clean it and keep it from happening again. I don't want to replace the coil again!


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lynn comstock
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Is the oil "furnace" a hot water boiler that heats your home and supplies domestic hot water as well?

Is the coating soot, unburned oil or something else?

I don't know what you mean by cleaner treatment and jackets.
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The coating is on the outside of the tankless coil, on the heat transfer fins. I've cleaned it once before with muratic acid but it seems to have returned. I added system flush and lubricant to the system water but it happened again.

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lynn comstock
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We really need more information to understand what you have.

1) Does the tankless coil supply domestic hot water (to sinks and showers, etc.)?
2) This tankless coil has water inside. Are the heat fins surrounded by air or water?
3) Does the "furnace" have a fan that circulates hot air through ductwork to heat the home?
4) What does the coating look like? color, hard, soft. dry, oily, Etc.?
5) What metal(s) are the coil and fins made of?
6) This "system flush" makes me think you have a boiler with a domestic hot water heat exchanger inside of the hot water system used to heat your home.
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build up

Sorry, Its a hot water furnace with a heat exchanger coil for domestic hot water.

The build up is an oily residue, black-ish

System is 7 years old and I cleaned it out with the muratic acid (the exchanger coils) a year ago. Use a system flush additive and refilled the system with water and a lubricant additive. I'm noticing a loss of heat in the shower and that was the sign of a build up a year ago.

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lynn comstock
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I am not very familiar with oil furnaces (execpt in theory). You seem to have an oil and soot residue. This would be caused by incomplete combustion. The oil may not be vaporizing into small enough droplets or the the air and oil mixture is not mixing well or there may not be enough air. From this point on, I have no experience to draw on. I would clean the nozzle and any screens in the oil piping and hope for the best.
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Hot water

Im lost. Is this coil in the water side of the boiler or is it in the flame of the oil burner. This is the domestis hot water in the home.Is this the water that has oil in it ? Why did you drain the boiler.When was the last time you or did you have some one work on the oil burner did you change the nozzle size or the angle.Is this a cast iron boiler with a jacket around it and thats where the dirt is?? Im with lynn need a lot more here to go on ED

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