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Question Install additional heating duct

I have a Cape Cod. The living room is approx. 12x20 and is the largest room in the house - also the coldest. There are 2 cold air returns and one heating duct. I want to put another heating duct in the living room. It looks like I can attach an extention to the heating duct in the basement that goes to the upstairs bedroom. It looks like it is 6" diameter piping and it appears that I can attach into the piping where it squares off and goes up the wall in the kitchen (which is just off the living room) to the upstairs. I THINK I can connect at that point and run the piping along the basement ceiling beams (approx. 12 feet) under the living room to the far (outside) wall. I can then come up the wall and place the wall duct (I have wall openings, not floor openings). It seems too easy to me - what am I missing?
A few questions that I did think of: What type of support would I need if I use the piping (not flex pipe) that is currently down there for the full 12 feet? Also, half way across the ceiling of the basement are two 1x2's that cross side-by-side in between each of the ceiling beams. Is it safe to remove them for the path that I want to run the piping? I won't be touching the other one's along the rest of the ceiling? (They don't look like they are of major importance to me, but I'm also new to home improvement.) Also, any suggestions on how to get the hole right the first try for the wall vent? I don't want multiple holes in my living room! Thank you for any suggestions!!
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Hello sjo. Welcome to our Heating and Cooling forum and the Do-It-Yourself Web Site.

Thoughts to consider before attempting the project:

Simply adding an additional heat register, regardless of where and how you install it, will not positively provide more heat to the room. The additional ducting and added register will simply divide up the existing volume of warm air providing less to each register.

Slightly or totally closing off some registers in other rooms where a large amount of heating is required will force more into the room requiring more. Doing this may also prove to be non beneficial. Cold rooms become damp rooms.

Distance from the heating unit also plays a roll. The further away from the heating unit, the less warm air from those registers in the living room. Closing some registers closest helps.

Several other resident heating professionals replying within this forum, could have additional helpful information, suggestions, advice. Check back on your question several times for additional replies.

Regards & Good Luck, Forum Host & Moderator.
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I did as you suggested - adjusted the other vents to force more air into the living room and kitchen. I seem to have a more evenly heated house now, thank you!
Another question: Is there a way to quiet the noise that I now have with the extra air being forced into the one living room heating vent? I now have to turn the tv up when the heat kicks on. Are there different vents that you can buy that will let more air through that others? Or is this just the price I have to pay for being warm???


Still confused!!
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Most of the register companys have 2 or 3 diff.grades of registers that we use. Go to a HVAC and ask them for a good one. ED

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