cigarette smoke travelling through house

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Angry cigarette smoke travelling through house

I own an old (built ~1850) 3 story house which consists of 3 units, mine which is on the top two floors, one on the main floor and a small basement apartment. I had a new tenant move into the main floor apartment who seems to be a fairly heavy smoker. Not such a big deal except that the smell of cigarettes seems to be coming up into my unit. This is what we've done so far to try to keep the smell out:

1) Put weatherstripping on both our front door and her front door to keep smoke from travelling between the apartments through a shared halway.

2) Placed a HEPA air filter in the front hallway of my unit by the weatherstripped door to clean any air that may make it through.

3) On 2nd floor (1st floor of our unit) we have sealed all of the holes in the drywall where plumbing or electrical work is coming through.

4) Sealed holes in drywall for plumbing/electrical in downstairs appartment.

Now after doing all of this we still seem to get a smoke odour in our unit. Now I know it is distinctly possible that I missed some holes under counters, etc. but I more suspect it has to do with the forced air ductwork for the furnace/AC.

My apartment is actually on a completely different furnace then the main floor apartment however now that I am looking a little more at the ductwork it appears that in one case an air intake vent in my unit is hooked up to an air intake in the main floor apartment which then feeds into the mani floor's furnace. In another case a air intake vent doesn't appear to actually have a duct attached to it but rather is open to the interior of the house which then acts as a duct down to my furnace.

Now to my questions...

Does the intake I described above sound right or am I missing something?

What can I do to alter where the intakes are drawing from and what are the potential problems with changing this?

Any suggestions on somewhere else that the smoke is travelling up I'm not thinking of?

Any suggestions on how I can solve my problem? (and no I can't get rid of the tenant)

And last, I'm in Canada and will soon need to turn on my heater, will I begin blowing even more smoke around?

Thanks for the help, and sorry for the long post I just wanted to make sure I was clear.
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Hello Sofus72. Welcome to the Heating & Cooling forum & our Do-It-Yourself Web Site.

Not all of your questions that pertain to the problem can be resolved here. Much may have to do with the construction and building materials used at the time of construction etc.

As far as what may or is likely to happen when the heater is used may also depend on how the ducting system is connected and possibly interconnected, if there is only one heater for the entire building.

If each residence has individual heaters and each is connected seperately, there should not be any noticeable differences when they are used.

However, if there is, it may be necessary to have the entire heating system or systems inspected and corrected if need be by a licensed heating contractor.

Other professionals replying within this forum, may have alternate solutions, suggestions, advice opinions and or repair methods. Check back several times for additional replies.

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