Chimney liner


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Chimney liner

OK I'm helping out the gas guys and I said that I would install the chimney vent. It is the hefty steel colapsable stuff that looks like dryer vent tube. The instructions are a little vauge on how to connect the tubing to the top collar. It came with metal screws and these wierd rivets that I have never seen. It sayst to rivet the tube to the collar but I dont know how to work the rivets and I dont have a rivet gun or whatever. will the screws work just as well?
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I go get a good rivet gun and put them in.Or you can get some SST screws and nuts and use them . I dont think I would just use the sheet metal screws to hold it up ED
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flue liner

have installed manyof these, definately use what they give you or stainless screws, as regular zinc coated will eventually give way, and liner will fall.

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