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I have 2 separate thermostats for heating and cooling. The thermostat that controls the heating is in a sunroom with mostly windows - I'd like to eliminate this thermostat and have the cooling thermostat (in the hallway) control both cooling and heating. Can someone get me started with this? Thanks.
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wire t-stat

First how many wires do you have at the t-stat in the hall or can you pull new wires there.That would be the first thing. You will need a 5 wire there.Then do both of the t-stat you have now have there own power supply?Dont know if you can stay with me here or not? Put the heat cool stat in the hall.Run the stat wire to the furnace 5 wire. and run the cool wire from the unit to the furnace and tie in there ????????????????WHAT IS YOUR POWER SUPPLY 24 VOLTS COMEING FROM ?????????? Do both units have there own 24 volt power??????????????There are some if's here
you could use one power supply and put a 24v relay in to work the other unit. ED
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More Info Requested & My 2 Cents

Hello: alorenzo

The important question is: are these two units, as in one in the same unit or two seperate and individual units. There locations, whether single seperate units or combined combo units if seperate units may be beneficial also.

Knowing the information above and some other specific information will help the heating professionals determine the power supply output required, wiring system or systems, type of thermostat to install, how to install it as a combined thermostat, etc. etc.

It may not be necessary to install new wires if the heating and cooling unit is a combo unit. Combo meaning both heating and cooling is contained in the same appliance.

Relocating {pulling} the existing wires from the sunroom to the hallway, depending upon distance etc, may be all that is needed. Some splicing to add wire to reach the new location or removing wire, may be required, depending upon the specific situation and location requirements, etc.

Ed has offered you some excellent advice. Providing more information will allow him and the other professionals to provide you with additional help, advice and suggestions.

And there you have it...."My Entire Two Cents Worth".

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