Central Heating Problem


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Question Central Heating Problem

Good Day,

I live in SW Texas and the nights are just now getting a little brisk.

I went up in the attic today to check on the heating unit.

I followed the process like I have done the past three years I have been living in this home; set thermostat to lowest setting, turned gas on, set to pilot light setting, started the pilot light, turned to On position, turned the power switch on above the unit, and walla, we have heat. The unit lit like it always has.

When I went downstairs I noticed the fan was not blowing.

So, I 'played' with the thermostat to get the unit to start working correctly. I set temp below the temp below what the temp gauge was reading. I then moved it slowly to a higher setting. I heard the the unit in the attic make a confirmation sound indicating it sensed the temp change..unit git hotter..more heat to match my action.

However, the blower fan didn;t come on.

Now, if I manually move switch from Auto to Fan, the fan works fine.

What do yo think my problem is please?

Unit or Thermostat?


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Hello doctorbjf. Welcome to the Heating & Cooling forum & our Do-It-Yourself Web Site.

Most likely the fan switch {often called a Relay} is defective. Replacing this part should resolve the problem. The fan motor will be connected to this part.

When replacing the switch install an exact OEM replacement part available at your local appliance parts store listed in the phone directory or obtain one from a heating and air conditioning supply store, which are also listed in the phone book.

Safety Reminder:
Be sure to use caution. Turn off the electrical power supply. Be sure to replace the existing wires to the replacement part exactly as the are currently connected on the existing switch.

Other professionals replying within this forum, may have alternate solutions, suggestions, advice and or opinions and or test and repair methods and procedures. Check back several times.

Regards & Good Luck. Web Site Host & Multiple Forum Moderator
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Energy Conservation Consultant & Natural Gas Appliance Diagnostics Technician.
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A relay switch is very possible but there are many action that may precede that. Sometimes a camstat or fan and limit control. You should take a meter and trace the voltage to see where you loose the signal.

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