Heat Pump Question


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Lennox Heat Pump

My townhouse has a Lennox heat pump. No matter how high you set the thermostat the house never gets comfortably warm. Its always chilly. I always keep the filters changed. is this the way heat pumps work or is there a problem. Last year I had it checked and he said it was fine that I was used to gas heat. i cannot believe that everyone who has a heat pump has a cold house all winter! can you help me out? thanks
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your inlet/outlet temps. make sure your strips are not on, what is the temp rise?
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Heat Pump

I do not understand what you are asking me to check. I don't know what you mean by checking in/out temps or what strips are and so on. Could you please give me easier instructions! Thanks...
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Inlet = temperature in your return filter grill, outlet = register in the floor or ceiling.Temperature rise is how much hotter air is coming out or the floor or ceiling register than it is sucking in at the return. Example: 65 degrees at return and 80 degrees at the register is 15 degree temperature rise. If you can get 15 degree rise without the electric strips that would probably be ok.
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heat pump


The air temp at cold air return is 73 , at register is 100. Is this normal? Also the water valve for the humidifier was shut off. I turned the water back on. What do you mean when you say electric strips.
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The effect of humidity on human comfort is one of the most neglected and misunderstood subjects.
The human body to be comfortable needs to be surrounded by a humidity level that doesn't cause perspiration on one's body to evaporate too quickly. This will cause a cooling effect, which may be happening in your case. The other end of the spectrum is that in too high a humidity the sweat on your body will not evaporate at all and gives you a muggy feeling.
The generally accepted comfort level is 40% - 50% relative humidity.
Not only turn on your humidifier, but service or have it serviced to ensure it is working properly. Also, there are digital temperature/humidity indictors available that are not too expensive. I stock a Honeywell one that sells for about thirty dollars. Very easy to sell when I explain the above to my clients.

Another thing to check for is drafts from poor fitting doors and windows and the effects of large inneficient windows.

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