Annual Furnace Problems


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Angry Annual Furnace Problems

I had my furnace replaced as part of a home warranty just less than a year after moving in. (50 weeks after) They replaced my low efficiency furnace with a comparable "ThermalZone" 80? (Not my choice) Model No. GM072K12A-S; Serial No. GM09908-11296 at that time (December 2000)

In January of this year less than a month after the 1 year warranty ran out, I had to have an Ignition Swith replaced. $99 for the part and $90 for the service call. The coil would not get hot enought to light the gass. That was in January.

Now I'm having a problem where the gas won't stay on unless I set the thermastat rediculosly high! Like 10F over normal room temperature, even so, it never reaches the temperature the thermostat is set to.

Generally it just lights for a few seconds and then shuts off. Most of the time it just blows cold air. I observed it closely this morning instead of going to work on time. I found the Red Status light was on. The Flame Indicator LED is continuously flashing, Indicating a "Low Flame Sensor Signal". It seems as though tricking it by setting the thermostat high seems to work for the short run.

The original company that installed the equipment and serviced it last January is comming out to look tommorrow. I would like to complain directly to the manufacturer about the frequent repairs for this NEW furnace. Cannot find any contact information either on the web or on the appliance itself. Other than they are in Norcros GA.

I have resolved that if the repare is another $189 I'm going to replace the whole damn thing again with something dependable like a Carrier or I don't know what, any suggestions?

Could cleaning the flame sensor negate even a service call?
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what make ?

model number indicates a goodman/janitrol/GMC? setting the tstat higher does nothing but make the unit run longer. if increasing the temp setting allieviates the problem, we need to look at the tstat, it may not be compatible. jump/hook together red and white at the tstat, does this fix it...if so replace tstat. clean flame sensor with steel wool lightly, although doubt this is the problem, make sure board is grounded well (tighten screw that hooks to furnace case)
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anticaptor in thermostat maybe set to low

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