Down Draft Furnace


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Down Draft Furnace

We have a 1985 double-wide which has (as I believe they all do) a down-draft furnace. Would this be why when the furnace turns on, there is a cool draft that comes through the door (louvered) where the furnace is housed? Could I block that off (on the inside of the louved door) with some cardboard to stop the draft, or could I put weather stripping around the door to seal it better. It is a little loose on one side. Thanking in advance.
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You sure you dont feel the cold air that is comeing in for the furnace.Lots of double-wide at that time had a hole to the outside for whats called make up air. You need this air for the burners to burn right if its upflow or downflow. Dont seal the furnace off. ED
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Hello: snel65

Leave well enough alone. Do as Ed Imeduc said. DO NOT block the louveres in that door. Doing so will shut off the oxygen the burners need and may overheat the closet room the furnace is in.

Burners have flames and flames need oxygen to burn. Closing off the louvers will suffocate the flames and create soot, carbon monoixdes and can cause a fire to develope in that closet room.

In order to have a solid door, fresh air has to enter from outside and vents have to be inplace in the ceiling to allow air circulation. The amount of air and correct placement of the in and out vents is critical also.

If you intend to seal the door, it's very possible but it is not a do-it-yourself project. Hire a heating pro for personal and property safety. Incorrectly done can indanger both you and your property.

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There should be two "fresh" air brought into your furance.. One for the burner, and other for the home.. Your burner should be a sealed system. and should not feel any draft on that one...

The other one you may feel some cool air coming out of that opening at times on a very cold day.. and that opening more likey should be in the blower area of your furance.. When the fan kicks in, your getting fresh air into your home.. so leave that be.

A person really shouldn't feel that cool draft unless you have no filters on the cabinet with the louvers.
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Your louvered door is your return air. Since you say you only feel the draft while the furnace is running, the cooler air you feel is not coming out of the furnace, but being drawn into the furnace from the house to be heated. All trailers have a high velocity system, so the air moves quickly. If you'll take a bit of tissue paper and put it on the louvered door with the system running, you'll see it is drawing air in, not allowing cold air from outside into your home.

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