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Question furnace cycling

Was wondering if my furnace cycle was correct...ok, the furnace kicks on at 7:39 within that same minute the blower kicks on, at 7:46 I hear the furnace click off and at 7:49 the blower shuts off...at 7:51 the furnace kicks on, blower comes on within the same minute, at 7:58 the furnace clicks off and 8:01 the blower shuts off. Is this length of cycling normal? I have a 11 year old gas forced air furnace, a 1 year old programable thermostat....right now its 15 degrees outside and we have it set at 68 degrees. Just seems like it is on an awful lot. Any help is appreciated.
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If you describe completly the details on your equipment it may be more helpfull to us. Filter condition, stat model,etc, etc.
Did this problem start with the new thermostat?

There are settings on most digital stats for the heat anticipator which could cause this problem. There may settings for this that ask you to set it for the type of furnace you have. This will be in the instructions that came with the stat.
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OK...i have a York Stellar Plus high effeciency upflow condensing model P2UD gas fired furnace....an Aprilaire High effeciency air cleaner Space Guard model #2200...and an Aprilaire Humidifier model #568....space guard and humidifier just 18 months old....bought the house in 2001 and added these two items....Have recently found that my house is tight and really don't need the humidifier...have it set at 1/2 now when it shows 4-5 as the 'normal' range....when it is 10 - 29 degrees here in Illinois, my inside humidity level should be at about 32%...which is where it is at.....

hopes this helps...I was just wondering if it is cycling too often. Seems like if i put it up to 70 degrees and then let it heat....it seems to stay longer at 70 before turning back on....i really figure that doesn't make much sense....should i turn it up to 70 and then after it has heated up to that temp and shut off turn back down to 68....would this conserve energy or save money?

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many tstats

have a cph rate. default is usually 6. had a customer who put on his own honeywell magicstat, said it ran every 9 minutes. 9 times 6 is 54...go figure! your problem seems to be possibly the tstat, possibly in a drafty space, or heat anticipator setting incorrect. if there is a dial setting on the tstat for this, usually under the pop off over, match that setting to the amp draw on the gas valve. new digital usually do not have an adjustable anticipator. also 3 minutes of fan after burner shutdown may be too much. need type of furnace, age, what kind of ignition, etc to tell you how to adjust this
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fan on time

to adjust the fan delay off on that unit look on the circuit board for dip switches. the owners manual or a sticker on furnace panel itself wiil tell you the positions to adjust it to.

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