Heating Options in an Addition


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Heating Options in an Addition

I am working through the details of expanding the attic of my house to create a 2nd floor addition. I am trying to work through what heating options I have. The way I see it, I have two options: extend existing system into 2nd floor, or install a 2nd floor dedicated system. If anyone else has experience in this, I would love any advice you could give.

Option 1: Extend existing ductwork into second floor.

Since I will need to extend plumbing into the second floor already, one possibility is to extend the ductwork through the same wall into what is currently the attic space. However, how do I know if my current system can handle the additional load?

Option 2: Dedicated 2nd floor heating system.

If I am not able to extend existing ductwork or if my current system cannot handle the additional load, what other options do I have? Should I consider baseboard heaters? Is there anything else I should consider?

Thanks in advance for any advice.
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Well what do you have now?How well does it heat and cool the home now?How big is it? How big is this add on going to be ? Whats the heat and cool load for it?NEEEEEDSSS MORE INFO HERE TO HELP YOU ED
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Thanks Ed. Here's more info.

Thanks Ed, for taking interest in my question. Let me see if I can't better describe my set up.

House: The house is a brick rambler with a full finsihed basement. Each floor is about 800 sq. ft.

Addition: The addition would be another full floor above the exisitng house adding roughly another 800 sq. ft.

Current HVAC setup:
The current unit is a Carrier Forced Air Central heating and a/c unit. It is pretty old but still works great.

Other Specs:

o Natural Gas
o Model No.: 58ES100-3
o Series: 304
o Input: 100.00 BTU/Hr
o Bonnet: 80.00 BTU/Hr
o Temp Rise: 45-75
o Static Press: .50
o Blower: 109
o Motor HP:

You can see pictures of the unit at:
http://home.att.net/~paul.janine/addition/image002.jpg &

I live in Suburban Maryland which means lows in the winter around 15 - 20 and highs in the summer around 94 - 98.

So, does this give more info to help answer the question? Basically I am trying to figure out:

(1) Is my current unit sufficient to handle the needs of the additional 800 sq. ft., and

(2) In the event I cannot use the existing central system in the new addition, what options do I have for heating the new space?

Thanks a ton.

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