cold air in kitchen, laundry closet


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cold air in kitchen, laundry closet

My apologies that this isn't strictly a heating/cooling questions -- couldn't figure out which board to use. If there's a more on-target board for my question, please let me know. Thanks!

There's cold air coming into my kitchen from the over-the-range microwave (can feel it under the exhaust vents and the interior is chilly) and the sink (can feel it coming up from the drain). Result is a chilly kitchen.

In addition, there's a laundry closet along the same wall that is very cold. The washing machine plumbing seems to come through a not-very-professionally done hole in the wall that's stuffed with insulation and covered in plastic sheeting and lots of duct tape. Anyway, I can definitely feel a breeze there.

My question is -- is there a way to keep so much cold air from getting in?

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Well.... unless you rip open the wall and insulate it properly there is not much you can do.
Your over the range microwave/vent unit will hae a door which is supposed to close when the fan is not running (to block some of the cold from coming in. Perhaps that door is stuck open.
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Why is this air comeing in? Do you have a fireplace? A drier you run a lot? Air comeing up in the sink, You have a trap there the air cant come up from there.More info here ED
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The air entering the exhaust vent is likely from a leaking back draft damper.
This is a flap like piece of metal that swings open when the fan blows.
It may be stuck open.

Another possibility is that you are feeling the cold because of how close the outlet is to the fan.
I have this problem with mine. My outlet is only about one foot away from the fan and the cold can be felt inside due to conduction.

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