Heat Pump putting out air too hot?!


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Post Heat Pump putting out air too hot?!

I've got a house for sale. The home inspector failed the HVAC system because the air coming out of the vent was too hot when the auxillary heat was NOT on. Does anyone know how to troubleshoot this scenario? I've searched the internet and found nothing. I'm don't know what to do next.

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He's complaining that the air is too hot? Interesting...
I suppose you could increase the speed of the fan, that will cool the air.
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I would say the same thing too.. Hummm?? What is the TD for the air flow?? (Return temp - supply temp = Temp diff TD) It might be too high, and your air fitler maybe dirty, and needs to be changed....

Heat Pump don't give off that much heat! What's your back up heat?
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heat pump

are you sure the aux heat is not on? coil may be dirty.

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