Boiler Pilot Light.


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Boiler Pilot Light.

I have an older gas boiler with a standing pilot light. The pilot light has gone out several times. I have replaced the thermocouple, cleaned the pilot orific, and cleaned the flue/chimney of all debris. The controller is about year old. When I cleaned the pilot orific, the flame increased slightly. I did not adjust it back as the flame did not look excessive. I was a bit concerned that the thermocouple looked red hot. Not sure if this is common or acceptable.

Can anyone comment on parameters for adjusting the pilot flame? (Should the thermocouple be red hot?)

Is there any way to check the controller besides waiting for the pilot to go out again?

Also, I adjusted the air intake for the burners until the first burner flames just touched the cast iron housing. This put the intakes about 50-75% open. The flame appeared blue with tails just forming no matter where I opened the intake. What is the best method to adjust the individual air intakes for the burners?

Any input I can get would be appreciated.
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Gas burner

You dont say if this is LP or Nat gas. What or how did you clean the pilot orific. Did you put anything in the holes in it? Did you clean the rest of the pilot also. How is the gas pressure or whats its W/C reading. For now I would say you set the flame on the burners too hard. We set the burners by closing the air down to like almost white,then open the air intake slow till there is just a very very small white tip now and then on the top tip of the flame ED

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