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Amana window a/c

I've got an Amana Quietline, 8K 120 volt window ac only unit. It has worked well since purchase in 1998. This year it leaked condensation in. It would drip out of the left front corner at the bottom of the front panal, near where cord goes in. I checked the obvious, down bubble pitch of unit and even increased it. No help. I have noticed that I don't hear the condensor fan slinging water anymore, which it always did. If I pull front panal off I can see standing water in base. What I can't figure out is how to get unit out of outer case and/or clean what I suspect is clogged drain opening from evaporator side to condenser side. I've got to pull unit out of window to do some painting and I would like to clean it at same time. Can anybody suggest a cure?
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I'm not familiar with Amana, but the unit will have to be out of the window, and there will be screws, normally in the inside portion to get at the insides.

Hopefully someone that knows these units will be along.
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Window AC

After you have the unit out of the window. look around the whole case at the bottom you should find screws. When you take them out the whole cover or case should lift up and off.There should be a drain hole in the wall that lets the water run to the back of the unit and on to the slinger by the high side coil. While you are at it look and see if the fan motor there has any oil holes, if it does oil them now OK One other ??? you didnt ice up on the coil did you? If so you can be low on freon? ED
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Ed, Good question about the freon. This summer was brutal humidity wise. But I did notice, that the bottom evap el (where the coil tube does an s) was FROSTING up. It never iced, but I must admit it got me thinking. The unit is in the kitchen of my 100+ yr old, totally uninsulated victorian. We had weeks of 90+ degree and corresponding humidity. The unit seemed to cool as it always had and it would dehumidifiy about a qt. an hour (easy to measure since it was dripping into a bucket!). I will try to clean unit and see if that helps. I appreciate the reply.
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If you saw frost on any of the inside coil , make sure the coil is clean. Just set the cover back on and run it for a while pull the cover off if you see any frost get some freon in it. You will have to get a hvac thats EPA there to do it. He will have to put on a line tap on the unit. Like I have said before a lot of no cool call's we go on are just dirt in the units some where ED

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