Gas Furnace has trouble starting

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Angry Gas Furnace has trouble starting

I live in a mobile home and have a gas furnace. It says Coleman. I believe its about 6 years old. Its cold outside right now with snow on the ground. I have NO knowledge of furnaces and such. So, there is not much detail that I can give. I have read some of the other postings so I am using the information from them....There is a click and then the blower comes one( like its going to start) But then it just shuts off. I does this about 3-4 times then finally it will catch and starts. I am really worried about what this is doing to our electric bill let alone our furnace. I think our house if falling down around our ears we are working on several other repairs. Money is scares and more bills I do not need. Is there hope without calling a repair man?
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Let's see- we need a little mre to work with. The blower you refer to, is it the blower for combustion air or the blower that circulates the air thru the ducts? Do the burners lite or does it never get that far? Any chance you could post some pictures of the interior area of the furnace [like where the controls are] and/or the wiring diagram?
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The blower is the blower that blows air through the ducts. And yes it is igniting. Its like it starts to kick on, but just decides not to and shuts off. Will be able to post pics later if that is still needed.
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Depending on the design of your furnace the fan is started by a fan control that senses the furnace temperature or by the control board in respnse to a preset time sequence. See if you can trace the wires from the motor back out and see where they go. If they go to a fan control, it's probably worn/corroded. They're not expensive to replace but there are a few caveats to follow. It's also possible you have a bad motor but I'm thinking fan control based on your description. .Let us know what you find. I have to get back to work but I'll check in in a little while.
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Flame sensors

Flame sensors are a vital part of the processes . with your model number and serial number you can find one on an online parts store. or you can take some sand paper and take the flame sensor out and sand it and put it back in takes five minutes with a 1/4 nut driver short handle pref.
If it is dirty the furnace will start it's process and the flame will ignite then shut down and shut the gas valve off.
Be careful the hotsurface igniter looks similar but it glows red hot and make sure you turn off the power at the furnace or at the breaker in your house.

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