New System: buy now or wait?


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New System: buy now or wait?

My system is currently working just fine, however, it is over 15 years old and will probably need to be replaced in the future. I recently began getting quotes for a new furnace/AC system, just to get an idea how much I need to budget for this expense. One of the quotes was from a service technician, who is the sole owner and employee of the A/C company. He said that I should not wait too long to install a new system because the manufacturers are phasing out the old refrigerant systems. And that the new system uses a refrigerant that requires higher pressure piping and will cost a lot more. Is this true or is this a sale pitch to get me to buy now?

This service technician has been in business for 20 years and claims he can install any system. Is it better to have him install it or go with an installer that is certified by the manufacturer? He prefers to install Rheem. Is Rheem a good brand? Is Trane better?
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The high pressure thing is a pitch. You didn't say what you heat with but Rheems oil furnaces are a piece of garbage. They changed them about 10 years ago and I wouldn't use one if they were free. Their A/C equipment was always good in my opinion. The manufacturer certification thing isn't all it's cracked up to be either. Almost all equipment is installed the same way and if the installer has read the instructions packed with the equipment, he will be fasmiliar with any slight differences in the way each one prefers to have their equipment installed. Make sure the new equipment uses brazed connections at the evaporator and condensor. Don't settle for a unit with quick connects.

I think R-22 is to be phased out by 2030. And it is only 1% more harmful than the best new refrigerant, so even if the equipment you choose uses R-22, you will be OK.
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Thank you, KField.

I have natural gas for heating. I was planning on changing the A/C along with the gas furnace because I was told it would be cheaper to do the A/C when you change out the furnace since both system are old.

I got a mail solicitation. Here's how it goes. The letter states that the business purchases a certain number of units for emergency replacements. Now that it's a new year, there discounting their inventory to make way for this year's model. It states that they overbought their demand by 44 units and that these 44 units will be discounted to the first 44 respondents. Is this another marketing gimmick? and does it really come out cheaper than what they claim because it's last year's model?

I've made so many mistakes in life buying big items in such short notice. This time I'm really going to take my time and understanding what I'm getting myself into. Thanks in advance to all that reply.
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Take your time....

Do your home work like your doing..

Best thing to do is ask your neighbor, friends, and co-workers of who they go with for the HVAC they have in thier home.

R-22 system are going to be around bit longer so no need to rush into the "new" stuff for the A/C..

Check with the dealer who will stand behind thier workmenship!!!

I am for Trane myself. A few of my family members has Trane and are very happy with it.. along with the dealer itself.

The dealer that did the work stand behind the workmenship for a year (system over/undersized will be changed out if owner not comfortable)

Will place them in a hotel if they are not able to get the system up and going in X amount of time.

Comes out and do a start up check on both equipment for 2 years.

So take your time.. save a little xtra cash for a better system like a variable speed fan w/ 2 stage burners.. and higher Eff. A/C unit.
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I would not touch them with a ten foot pole. I would check them out everyway I could. BBB. References, even though they could give you their cousin. They bought a mailing list and are trying to get there money out of it. Do you really care if your AC/heat is this years model? Do you think anyone cares?

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How old is old

We have a A/C unit that we service that is 38 years old. So far we have had to put in a new capacitor a new condenser fan motor and a new furnace under the old coil. So take your time and look around for a good HVAC. I think some of the new freon like 134 is only about 7 lb PSI more. So dont go with him its just a pitch. ED
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Sounds like a car dealer pitch.

With todays just in time inventory approach, anyone who would buy 44 too many a/c units is taking a gamble. I wouldn't recommend buying from a gambler. They already think you're a sucker for taking their lies seriously, and now when they work for you, look out.

Take the advice you got here and post again if you need to confirm any information you get from your other prospective contractors.
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I just replaced a 17 year old Trane and I say Good Riddance!
Several rep.s I got quotes from said their AC is good but heater isn't-the one we had seemed to have alot of problems from year 1 (actually year 1-minus a day/but that's another story). Have heard not-so-good about York too, but no 1st hand.
We went with Lennox-good price even on top-line/so far so good.
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I agree with harry26. The primary equipment for Trane and York is A/C and heat pump. NOT oil. York was using Ducane furnaces and as far as I am concerned they can keep them. They must cut a deal and have them painted in York color and put on an OEM model number and there you go. Well if I won't buy ducane locally because I don't like the quality, why should I buy one with a York label. My York rep has been giving me literature and special pricing to get a foot in the door on furnaces and it aint gonna happen. I use Oneida and they are great. The best combustion chamber I have come across in many years. I think Bard has a similar chamber, but I can't get it locally. There is more appeal to me in a furnace that I can have confidence in for 15 or 20 years than the almighty buck.

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