cooling fins?


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Thumbs up cooling fins?

i have a long stretch of 4 inch flue coming off the furnace that gets hot of course and was wondering if they make cooling fins that will use the heat from the flue to warm the house instead of just letting it go up the stack? ive seen them on my dads wood burning stove at his shop but they are like 8 inch fins that wrap around they make a simple aluminum wrap around fins for my situation?
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Thumbs down A very big no-no.


The heat that is felt on the flue pipe serves a purpose.

It is needed to cause the got gasses to rise in the chimney and give it enough velocity to make it to the top.

Also the chimney has to be hot to prevent the flue gas from condensing inside the chimney and having water run down the inside.

The fins that are on the wood stove, unless designed by the manufacturer, could be doing more harm than good.
That seemingly free heat could be causing a lower flue temperature which would contribute to the build-up of creosote.

Modern high efficiency furnaces have very low flue gas temperatures, but are designed that way and have drains that direct the condensation.

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