heat pump problem - Brrrrr!


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heat pump problem - Brrrrr!

I have an electric heat pump (Comfortmaker heating and cooling) which appears to have a problem. When we woke up this morning, the house was heated to 60 degrees. The heat appears to be forcing air and our auxillary light is on, but I suspect the auxillary heat is not coming on. Usually when the yellow auxillary light is on we hear a whistle through our house prompting us that it is on and currently although the yellow light is on constantly, there is no whistle sound. We changed our filter this morning (as we did last month), no change. I even turned the air conditioner on for 20 minutes in an attempt to defrost the pump (there is no evidence that it is frozen as you can't see inside - but thought I'd try), no change. There are no obvious obstructions outside at the site of the pump. We did have record cold last night in Raleigh (10 degree, 0 with wind chill), but we have had close to that temperatuure before without problems. I can't imagine this having anything to do with it, but... last night we had a problem with our electrically wired smoke detector. It kept being activated several times during the night until we disconnected it. We have since reconnected it and it has not gone off since. Seems unlikely that they would be connected at all, but because both problems occured together I thought maybe there is a chance they could be connected. We have called a service person, but they are not optomistic about getting here, due to their high rate of calls today. Anyone with any ideas or things I could try is greatly appreciated.
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Having had more time to play around with the thermostat, I can give some more information. I was slowly able to increase the temperature in the house throughout the morning to about 65 degrees by incrementally increasing the temperature on the thermostat, making sure that the auxillary heat light does not come on. However, when I recently turned it up a little higher, the auxillary light came on and "stuck" on. I had to turn off the heat and turn the fan from "auto" to "on" in order for it go off. During that time period when the auxillary light was on, the vents were pumping cold air. I guess this means that the problem is definately with the auxillary system. Any suggestions?
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What kind of aux heat do you have(gas,elec,oil)?????????
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auxillary heat

It's electric. An air handler is located in a closet inside the house.
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heat pump no heat

do not know if you have a volt meter, if not call a pro. when aux light is on, 24 volts should be present between w2 and common. if so, i would suspect the sequencer. it recieves this signal and through a time delay brings on the fan and elecretic heat. if no 24 volts, possibly bad tstat.
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Right on the money!

Just had the pro here and wanted to let you know how accurate you were. It was the sequence switch inside of our air handler! I think that we were way overcharged (200 + change - yikes)! Probably could have done it ourselves as we have done most things around here, but don't feel to electrically inclined. The part was probably only worth a few dollars. Thanks for your response and obvious expertise!

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