Blocking off heat/AC vents


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Question Blocking off heat/AC vents

I have some rooms were I'd like to block the heat vents so I can generate more heat in other areas. I've tried using those magnetic covers and they are worthless unless they are used on a floor register. My vents are on the ceiling and the magnets are not strong enough. I'd like to know a SAFE way to block them off and if there is a limit as to how many I should block. Closing the louvers on the vent does not seem to block the heat from coming out. Thanks in advance for any help.
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Hello: sdm

There are registers for this purpose of blocking. They are not very common but may be available at the local heating supply dealers.

These dealers are not the generic all purpose large chain building and hardware stores. They are the local and often privately owned and operated heating dealers and part suppliers. They are listed in the phone directory books.

How many can be blocked? Not many. To much back flow air reistance will cause furnace over heating and other unwanted problems. Best to close not more than 1/4 to 1/3rd max of the total number of registers.

Actually best to allow some heat into non used rooms and areas. Cold rooms will buildup moldew and mildew etc. heating provides air circulation and some warmth to prevent mold and mildew etc.

If the dummy registers are not available, remove the existing registers and seal the back side with foil or cork gasket material. Then reinstall. Being creative & or resourceful always helps...

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You don't really tell us much about your home or how the ducts are set up.

It is usual for there to be a means of adjusting the flow to each register.
Depending on how your house is constructed you may want to look on the vent pipe going to each register to see if there is a balance damper you can adjust.
I would likely look like a small lever and would point the same way the damper faces.

If pipes are not accesible then you would need to replace the grills with adjustable ones.
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Actually my house is about 2500 sqft. I have at least 1 register in every room with a return in every room including all 4 bedrooms. The problem is that I don't get equal pressure form each register. It seems that the registers that are furthest away from the furnace actually have the best pressure. That seems odd to me. I have a two story foyer that is a nightmare for heating and cooling. My upstairs thermastat for the upstairs furnace is located in my bedroom but on the hallway wall. The thermastat seems to get a warmer reading because of teh warm hallway. Hope any of this is making sense. Would anyone recommend me hiring a heating guy to come in and test my furnaces and possible make some recommendations as to how to equalize my 2 furnaces to maximize efficiency? Each upstairs bedroom has a different temp and it's pretty drastic. We do keep all the doors to each bedroom closed while asleep. We have to keep our toddler form wandering the house. Thanks again.

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