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Hello. The rental mgr of my home had the thermostat replaced. The Coleman gas wall heater requires a milli thermostat, which was installed. I just read in one of the posts that the volts in thermostat and heater should match. The heater wasn't even looked at, a new thermostat was just put in. The new thermostat is very erratic and comes on, goes off in a minute or two. Comes on when the temp it shouldn't and stays on after it should shut off and vice versa. A White-Rodgers, type 1C20-102, Rel.A, E1 0234 was installed. Could the thermostat be installed incorrectly or the wires attached to the temp measurement things (sorry) be incorrectly attached? I see that there are what look like two ground wires attached to two of the screws holding the thermostat on the wall. There is a white wire which goes from the bottom left corner to a circle that looks like it has something like "Longer cycles" (can't read all of it) and some numbers on it and a metal arrow like arm. Then there is a yellow wire that goes from the top left corner to this same device. I think I understand that the white wire is sending the room temp to the 'whatever' while the yellow wire then sends a message to the furnace (or turns it on). What is circle with the numbers and words for? I hope this makes sense. Thanks you.
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that is

the heat anticipator. it gives the tstat a false signal (heat) to prevent excessive temp swing. search previous posts for more info
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By milli I think you mean a millivoltage thermostat? A lot of gas fired wall heaters use a 750 millivolt [3/4 of a volt] Powerpile system to operate the gas valve and they need a special thermostat for that application. The Honeywell # TS86A is the one to use. It has a fixed heat anticipator; you can't use a thermostat with an adjustable heat anticipator on a millivoltage system. The new thermostat is the wrong one. Print this post and show it to your landlord.
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Thanks, but...

Thanks Big John,
I don't think my landlord will really care too much, it was difficult just getting a new thermostat. If I buy the one you recommend, would it be simple enough for me to install? Personally it doesn't look to hard. Sadly I had a retired "expert" put in my milli thermostat (you were correct). I wondered how he could buy a new one without ever looking at the present one or checking out the heater. Oh well. Life's interesting.
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Your landlord won't care if you have heat? I'll bet there is a government agency or newpaper reporter who will. You could install the thermostat yourself if you want, not difficult at all. To see the installation instructions in advance, go to click on agree, then on the next page select model & all literature, type TS86A into the search box. You can download the installation instructions from the next page.
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Thanks again Big John,

It isn't that I don't have heat, it's the fact that I either have too much or not enough. Just now the heater kept running and running. I checked the thermostat and the temp was about 74, but it is set on 68. So, to turn it off, because it was pretty hot, I had to turn it down even more. In consequence, it has to get pretty cold before it kicks in. Just a lot of running back and forth to either get more heat or less. Maybe I should move to Hawaii. Their coldest day ever was 52. Sounds good to me.

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