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Angry Thermostat/Furnance

Good Afternoon All,
I could really use some help. My Thermostat is acting up again!!!
I got up this morning and it was freezing in here. The air is blowing but it's cold. The fan in the back of the house does not come on either.
If I switch to air instead of heat the fan works.

I probably moved the thermostat so many times now I've surely thrown something off.

This happened before in the summer and my landlord came over and moved the thermostat a few times and it worked again.

What can I do to get the fan running? How do I reset this thing?


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What fan in the back of the house? Provide us with more info and we can try to help.

There is a post at the top of the forum that tells you what we need to help you.

Warm up those fingers and get to work.
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Duh!!!!! I was so excited to find a site that you could post questions to..I didn't read all the details!

Okay...Now keep in mind that you're dealing with a person who know nothing about house/electrical type stuff. There's no information on the outside of the fan and my Landlord of course is out of town. I did however find the some information on the inside cover of the thermostat.

The thermostat is :

S.P.D.T. ?
Heating: .15 To 1.2 AMP
Cooling: 1.5 AMPS MAX.
Max 30 volts A.C.

I don't know how to describe the fan...It comes on when I cut the thermostat on.
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'The fan at the back of the house" Do you mean the unit outside? It sounds like maybe you have a reverse cycle type system which is also called a heat pump??? Does the unit outside usually run when the heat is on? Look around the unit outside for a small, red, reset button sticking out around the back of the unit or maybe around where the tubes come out of the unit.
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Great interpreting of my obvious ignorance to correct appliance terminology Big John.

Yes, the "Heat Pump" It normally runs when the heat or air comes on. If I cut the air conditioner on it works fine. But if I cut the heat on it doesn't come on and I get cold air.

I looked for a reset button..but I didn't see one...I'll check again in the morning because it's rather dark even with the flashlight.

Thanks for your help!
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I don't want to be negative, but you may have more problems than just the outdoor unit not coming on. Heat pump sytems come with second stage heat strips in the indoor section. One of the functions of the heat strips is to provide heat in the event the heat pump is inoperative. Does your thermostat have an emergency heat switch setting? If so, what happens when you select it? Do you get any heat? I'm thinking you may be right and the thermostat may be wired improperly or may be the wrong one. Can you find a model # on the thermostat? It might be 1F or 1E something. Was the thermostat replaced? Heat pump systems require a thermostat designed for heat pumps, you can't use any old t-stat.
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