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Question Cold House Help!

I am a first time home owner.....My furnance does seem to want to heat my house above 62 degrees despite setting it to 70 plus degrees. After awhile it seems to just blow cold air and never gets above 62 degree. Any ideas on what might be going on? My wife finally couldn't take it any longer and called a heating "professional" who told her we needed more intake ducts? somehow the furnance (gas forced air) is not getting enough intake of air and is turning off while the fan continues to blow in order to cool it down - thus the cold air coming from the vents. Does this sound correct or am I being taken for the heating fool that I am?
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Cold air return ducts, perhaps?

A warm air furnace basically is a closed system. Warm air that is blown out of the vents into the rooms of your house has to come from somewhere - from within the same rooms.

This type of heating system has two sets of ducts - supply ducts, to take heated air from the furnace to the rooms, and return ducts, which takes air from the rooms back to the furnace, so it can be heated and blown back to the rooms.

If your system does not have enough of these return ducts, or if they are too small, then I would believe what the furnace tech is saying. In a well designed forced are heating system, the total surface area of all the cold air return vents should be approximately the same or slightly smaller than the total surface area of all the hot air supply vents.

Measure and total the surface area of the supply vents and the return vents. If you have a large difference in these totals, then perhaps the furnace tech is correct.

Other suggestions - make sure that the air filter is clean, leave all doors in the house open so that air can flow freely between rooms, and call other heating professionals to get second and third opinions.
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no heat

This can go a lot of ways for you. Have you tried to pull the blower door open on the furnace when it is running or open it some while the furmace is running, do you get more heat?This should tell you if you need more cold air return. Now this will sound dumb. I have been on jobs where the furnace was to big for the home and it couldnt heat the home. When it got cold outside and the furnace ran more it would start to hit the limit control and turn off and on there and not run long enough at a time to heat the home. Like brewbeer said look at your ducts and see if they are the right size here. Also you said blowing cold air.Look and see what the blower control is set at to turn off the blower it shouldnt blow cold air.Could it be that your fan limit is set to low and you hit limit and the fan runs so long that it blowes cold air? So look at all the things. ED
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Talking Cold House Help!

Thanks for the advice Ed Imeduc and Brewbeer!
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cold air

make sure the air filter is clean...pop the return air door off, set the stat 10 degrees higher than room temp and the fan in auto. The fan should come on after about 90 seconds. If it starts immediately the fan delat has a problem..start there. If your heating up the steel, you can't be getting cold air.

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