running new ductwork


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running new ductwork

I have a furnace in my attic and wanted to add another vent to my bathroom which is very cold. There is a large cavity behind the bathroom wall so I cut a whole in the main supply line in the attic and then attached flexible duct and ran it down into the cavity and then into a vent opening that I created in the bathroom. Now I get warm air when the heat comes on however when the furnace isnt running there seems to be cool air coming from that duct. I put lots of insulation around the openings and made sure there were no leaks in the joints. Any ideas?

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You likely get cold air from the vent because you didn't use insulated ductwork.

I would assume that the main ducts are insulated.
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The flexible duct is insulated. I think its R4 or something like that. It connects to a metal duct in the wall which I wrapped insulation around. I was thinking, if the main air supply has cold air in it, since the furnace is in the attic, when the heat isnt running and I now have a new trunk that runs down, might the cold air be the air that was in the main air supply since cold air tends to move down? Is a damper or some sort required?

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