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I am planning to install A/C in a couple of months and have all installed ...wiring, coils, A Coil. the gas furnance and A Coil are Goodman. the A coil is an UC29, which is a 2Ton unit, how would I know what is the highest BTU that I can use.

My focus here is to acheive the senerio that I can turn the A/C on to cool the house down for short periods of time, then open up the house. I don't want to have an a/c that is going to work 100% of the time .. burning it self out when on.

I realize most people have the A/C on 24 ,7.... I would prefer not to.
Can you help with some feed back here?
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Just like to say, That AC's just dont work that way. You would need a big big AC unit to do what you want.To just walk in and cool the home down.Then turn it off and open the home.
When you turn your AC on we find it takes like 5 to 6 days and longer before you start to feel cool in the home.It take this and longer to just start to get all of the humidity out of the home. Thats why we tell people to let it on 24/7. Thats like if we have 1 cool night and you open the home .Here you go again it takes that long to get all the humidity back out of the walls the rugs and all the other things in the home. Another thing to think about when you do over size a AC unit you can get the temp drop and cool the home but it didnt get the humidity out of the home and you dont feel as cool and now we start to have mole and mildew all over the home. It also cost less to have a unit that fits the home and run for a longer time than a large unit that starts and stops all of the time.You will find to that as the unit runs and get the humidity out of the home you will start to push the tstat up and you will feel cooler at a higher temp.It wont burn out just running but it could burn out starting and stopping. Just the way we look at it ED
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Hi Coady,

I agree with Ed.. Your MUCH better off with a right sized unit vs the Over sized system.

Why do you want to "waste" your eleactric bill to cool down your home quick and open up the windows?

You don't like A/C?

What state are you in by the way?

This maybe a dumb question... but.. In your car, do you turn off your motor when you stop at a stop sign? or at the Stop Light?

If you don't? WHy don't you do that??

Your maybe going to say "It's hard on the motor, and starter"

That's the same thing if you over size your A/C

Another one! hehe

Going down the highway, do you Use cruse control?


You may say "I use it to have a steady speed, and save on gas."

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