furnace btu's?


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furnace btu's?

I have a propane furnace that is a 1971 with 72,000 btu's. I live in a mobile home 14x70 with the furnace placed about 20 feet from the rear. When it is running it has to be turned up to atleast 75-80 to make the living room and bedroom warm, and the back of the mobile home really warm, and then it runs constantly. Is the furnace to little? Or is it to old? It runs fine, just by the time it gets to the other end, the air is cooler and not blowing with as much force any more. What can I do to fix this?
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More Heat

Well first is you filter clean and new? Are the blades on the blower clean. Is the LP gas pressure ok? Have you looked under the trailer of late is all the insulation in the floor good and dry. Is the trailer closed in under it?I think the furnace is ok here its just a lot of other things you should look at first ED
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Lightbulb 72000 BTU for 980 sq ft ??

Sounds like you have bad duct work under the home and you are loosing the heat.
How much propane are you going through ??
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yes the blower is clean, i just replaced it and hubby makes sure the filters are clean every year. I know the belly does need repaired, since when we bought it the pipes were froze and the plumber ripped it down where they needed replaced. but that is towards the rear, it is solid up front.

I did have another question, I have cold air return vents in every room, how do they work and why is there isulation shoved in them.?? Also if I take it out, it lets a really bad draft in, which we cannot afford since it is already cold out there. What should I do about them? Are they needed, cuz i know one of them is under the kitchen sink behind the cabinets, and the other is under the tub.

If I would want to keep it comfortable, it takes about maybe5-7 lbs a day, used to be 10 untill I hung the drywall, seems to have helped a little bit.
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The mobile homes in our area don't use return vents, but rather have the air return from under the doors to one large return at the furnace.

Is it possible that the return on yours is under the floor and the open underside is drawing in cold air from under the trailer?
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sounds like you need a pro in there...too many variables/guessing...I've had customers say cold air is comming out and the measured temp was 100F...cold is a relative term. A trailor I had in Alaska didn't have any of the ducts outside of the trailor but rather was along the bottom of the rear wall dowen it's whole length. I too had a hallway return, not sure about yours, A return in every room would be better IF it was insulated and connected, Take a sheet of paper and see if while the blower runs it gets sucked onto the return grille..You'll have to pull the insulation out of the doct to test for this. Changing the filter once a year is too little make it at least three times a year, 4 is recommended. The golden rule is to change it when it becomes lightly soiled, I have some places that it happenes every two weeks, ....check it often.

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