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I am planning on putting a airtight wood stove in my basement and I was wondering if it is better to run my chimney up through the house or run it out the wall and up the outside of the house.I'm trying to cut back on my oil bill because it is going up so much in price.
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I would check with both your municiplity for permit requirements and home insurance company for acceptable installations. Typically, insurance premiums will go up by about 10% with the addition of a wood stove as well as they will normally send an inspector to check out the installation before renewing your existing policy.

I believe the outside chimney is preferable from two perspectives:

1) It is easier to install. Just a wall hole and wall brackets are needed as opposed to cutting through floors and roofs to route the chimney.

2) An external chimney is preferable in case of a chimney fire, it is less likely to spread to the house because the wall is separating it.

I have an external chimney on my wood stove and the only drawback I have is that I have to pre-heat the cold flue with a hair dryer for a few minutes to get a draw going before starting a fire. I suspect a draw is easier to get going on an internal chimney which would be warmer because it is inside the house.

Good Luck

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I will assume you are referring to a metal insulated chimney.

The best place to put it will depend on the layout of your house.
Inside is better in terms of keeping the chimney warm.
Having a chimney outside exposes a large portion of the chimney to the elements potentially incresing the production of creosote build up.
You may have to build an insulated enclosure around it.

Airtight wood stoves must be sized correctly to insure they are not heating the space too quickly and then operating with the air damper choked down for an extended period of time.

Insulated chimney's do not have a very long lifespan.
You may want to consider a masonary chimney if your wood stove is to be a long term investment.

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