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I replied to "Diyer central system" earlier and upon rereading my remarked decided the language was too harsh. I tried to edit but the thread was closed.

in summary

what I was meaning to say

1) all diyer are not on same knowelge level

2) if legal and except own risk, let him try, only way to learn

3) most answers on other forum is " if you not a pro, your stupid"

4) straight answer to question

Sorry if my answer affended anybody
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i saw nothing wrong with your post in the previous thread. you are entitled to your opinion, and you do have some good points. here at DIY.com, we are spending our own time to help others, giving the best advice we can with what info (sometimes very little) we get. for free. none of us get anything out of it but the satisfaction of helping others. we have to be cautious that we do not leave out any detail that could make the job dangerous, or illegal. it is against the law in this state (GA) for any wholesaler to sell "refrigerant related equipment" to someone without proof of a conditioned air license. you cannot get a tstat at many supply houses, but you can at home depot. if you want to see pros slam homeowners who ask questions, look at hvactalk.com, compared to them we are angles. i think that other thread got a little out of hand when the original poster asked questions he later claimed to know the answers to, and his profile did not back this up. and honestly his MP comment to me was a little unsettling.
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look at hvactalk.com

Oh.. I agree with you on the people who are on HVAC-Talk.com.. man some of them sure do get nasty! lol

I enjoy this sight alot more!

But then I enjoy the "Wall-of-Shame" pix on hvactalk sight.. Maybe we should get one started here??
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oh yes!

the wall is a place all hvac guys should go!
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Apology not required.
I am not going to take my ball and go home.

The nature of all the forums here are such that in just about any forum, advice can be given that could get someone in some kind of trouble if not followed correctly or misunderstood.

That being the case the moderators are here to ensure the advice is given as clearly and concisely as possible and that no one get themselves in trouble.
The moderators also give the forums their character as it is up to the moderators to establish the limits of the advice given.
The owners and mangement of this site are there to guide us, but because we are chosen for our area of knowlege the decision of what advice to give is up to us.

The moderators of this forum all seem to be pretty much on the same wavelength as to what advice to give and not to give.
Also we have some members who post here regularly, with some pretty right-on advice, who also seem to think like we do.

So for the reasons of environmental and legal concerns I will not and would encourage others not to dispense advice on sealed system repair.

This is essentially a homeowner site, not a training ground for future tradesmen/women.

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