propane furnace odor

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propane furnace odor

When returning home from work the last few days, I notice a wet dirt smell that seems to be coming from my furnace hot air ducts when the blower is on. ANY help would be greatly appreciated!
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Question More Information Requested

Hello pebachjr. Welcome to the Heating & Cooling forum & the Do-It-Yourself Web Site.

In order to more accurately diagnose the problem, the professionals within this forum would need more detailed information. Kindly provide some.

Knowing the brand name, model, approz. age, location and type of unit helps plenty. Take a look at the burners while the unit is in operation and advise how they appear. Look for yellow flames.
Notice if there is any changes in flame chartactoristics between the warmup time when the burners first fire up and after the blower fan turns on, etc.

Detailed information helps the professionals provide the most likely possible causes and best possible solutions.

Prior asked questions and any or all the replies offered within them contain almost all the required information needed pertaining to the many potential and or possible problems with the heating unit like your describing.

Retail parts dealers and heating part supplers can also help determine what the possible problem may be. Bring the make, model and serial numbers. Dealers are an excellent source for original replacement parts and are listed in the phone book.

Regards & Good Luck, Web Host & Multiple Topic Moderator.
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Question More info please.


Tom is right.
It would be good to know a little bit more about your situation.
Your problem could range from a dead mouse in the duct to a cracked heat exchanger to flue gas backdraft.

Read the Read-B-4 posting at the top of this forum for what we need to know.
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Propane smell...

I wouldn't screw around with propane too much especially if is collecting in the house, That gas has a nasty habit of exploding. Shut the unit off and put your nose by the unions to see if you can detect a leak. I find my nose works better and faster than bubbles, you can confirm how bad a leak is with bubbles.....unions tend to vibrate loose over time. You MAY have a leak/crack/hole in you heat exchanger, this could prove to be fatal, do you have Carbon monoxide detectors in the house? If so make sure the batteries are good....Sometimes if you have a nice fire department, you can call them to see if there is carbon monoxide or gas in the living space, ask them not to come with sirens blaring! Just to be cautionary, they have very sesitive detectors...You pay taxes for there services....nice to know they actually serve a purpose besides fighting fires....

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