AC Estimates


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AC Estimates

I have begun collecting estimates for replacement of
my AC unit (split system).

Company A
I asked for 2 different set ups.
A) regular AC unit
B) heat pump to run in conjuction with existing gas furnace.
This is what was referred to as a dual fuel system.

The technician suggest replacing all duct work (without even
looking at it first). He said this would help with the efficiency
of the higher efficiency units.

Estimate #1 (Should be the heat pump)
Tempstar 12SEER 3 1/2 ton Fossil Fuel Kit unit with 3 1/2 ton
condenser and coil 10 year parts & labor, 10 year compressor
warranty includes Thermostat, Breakers, Line Set and
condensate pump. Also includes replacement of all ductwork.
$7,691 without duct work $4,001

Estimate #2 (regular AC)
Tempstar 12SEER 3 1/2 Ton AC condenser with coil 10 year
parts and labor, 10 year compressor warranty. Includes:thermostat, breakers line set and condensate pump.
Also includes replacement of all duct work.
$7,458 without duct work $3768

I would appreciate your opinions and observations of the above;
also suggestions on the equipment and what I need to look for.

This estimate came in much higher than I was expecting.
I live in Columbia, SC.
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new AC

First how could the guy say you need new duct if he didnt look at it?
Now on a new AC to a heat pump is about the same to put in So we look at it as about $500 to $700 diff thats all.
Is this bids from the same company????? if so why the diff of $233 for the duct work?
As most of us here say get 3 bids for the same job ED
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I stand with Ed here...get a couple more estimates from companies which have been in business a while. Someone who says the ductwork needs to be replaced without inspecting the ductwork only cries out "I'm too lazy to do my job but I'll be happy to take your money for my guesswork"

When getting estimates, be sure to compare apples to apples. Ask for the extended btu ratings of each unit. You may find the A/C unit performs better than the heat pump. Additionally, ask how much it would cost to upgrade your furnace at same time a regular A/C is put in (it shouldn't be much more than having a heat pump put in depending on the furnace efficiency) A matched system is usually much more efficient than a mixed one.

Hope this helps...let us know what happens
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Additional Estimates

Company B
Replace existing AC unit with:
Heil 3 1/2 Ton 12SEER 10yr/5yr/1yr $3,070
Trane 3 1/2 Ton 12SEER 10yr/5yr/1yr $3,185
Carrier Heat Pump (designed to be part of dual fuel system)
3 1/2 Ton 12SEER with dual fuel thermostat $3,545
Similar Trane unit available, no price quoted.
Replace existing furnace and ac with:
Carrier 48GS Package Unit 3 1/2 Ton 12SEER with gas pac
tying into existing duct system 10yr comp/5yr parts $4,670
unit with heat punp additional.

Thanks again for your ideas!
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a/c bids

First things first, go up in your attic and look at your ducts, if they are formed sheet metal, ignore the quotes of anyone who wants to replace them. In fact I would ignore the quote of anyone who wants to replace anything without inspecting it.

Is a heat pump warranted in your area? We used to live in Houston, similar heat and humidity to Columbia I think. There is NO WAY I would ever do one down there as it would cost more than gas heat/electric a/c, EVEN THOUGH THE POWER COMPANY TOUTED THEM FOR YEARS.
Good luck
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Thanks for your ideas on the heat pump. I am
beginning to come to the conclusion that this may
not be the way to go in my case.

Does anyone have an opinion on Gibson HVAC eguipment?
I am not familiar with it. This is not one of the brands I
was looking at. A reputable company's rep says that is all they
sell now. They have been in business for more that 45 yrs.
In fact, his grandfather installed our current system more
than 30 yrs ago.

Is Gibson okay or is this one to stay away
from (in your opinions)?
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What to do

Did you go to that and see what fuel you should go withwhere you live. Id do that first. Anyone thats been there that long you got to know that they back what they sell Im for them ED
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Gibson is manufactured by the Nordyne Co. They also manufacture Westinghouse, Tappan, Fridgidaire, Philco, Kelvinator, Grandair, Miller, and Intertherm.
A little more info about systems, they are only as good as the installing company.
Most 12 SEER and above systems all use 'scroll' compressors by copeland, no matter what the brand.
Most brands use motors and controls made by the same few companys, such as G.E., Honywell, Johnson, Emerson, Fenwall.
Most brands have their coils manufactured outside of the plant.

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