Cold rooms new heating system.


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Question Cold rooms new heating system.

I had a new high efficiency furnace installed in my cabin by a heating contractor but the rooms farthest away from the furnace are cold. They put 6 feeds ane 3 large returns & 1 small in new part of the house and the other end farthest away has 4 feeds & 2 small returns . The cold part is 816 s.f. and the new part is 792 s.f.
How many returns and feeds are needed to balance out the house?
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I can't answer your question about how many feeds/returns because that is specific to your job.

I can give you some things to try to balance the system. Balancing is usually done by the installer so you may still be able to have the contractor come back and do it for you.
The big question is, do the individual supply ducts have dampers where they branch off of the main trunk? That is fairly standard practice and quite important. Assuming that you have dampers, close the ones in the warm areas 50%. Make sure the colder areas dampers are full open. After a little balancing, you will probably get a pretty even temp. across the whole building. Also be sure you don't have a supply duct too close to the thermostat that could falsely influence it.

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