Black smoke from furnace/bad smell


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Black smoke from furnace/bad smell

Getting black smoke from the chimney and some from the furnace and a bad smell in the house. Heat works OK. Do I just need a cleaning, or is it something more ininvolved. It is a Beckett oil fired burner, tankless hot water system. Last cleaning was about two years ago.

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Act now and save money

You should not let that go on for even one day. It sounds like the base of the chimney is blocked or the boiler/furnace may be plugged. There are a few other possibilities, like if you have 16 cats or a woodshop in the basement, but in all seriousness, you should get it serviced today.

When my customers tell me they waited 3 days before calling, I always shake my head. If you see black smoke that means incomplete combustion and that creates soot. It will find its way into your living space.

My suggestion. Turn it off and get it looked at today. If not because of CO, then because of SOot.

If you have read any of my replies here, you know that I am not an alarmist. Far the opposite. But I wouldn't wait until tomorrow if I was you..

Please, let us know what is found.

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Get it look at right away. Had a unit that the squirrel's built a nest in the flue. The people had to move out and it took 3 months to try and clean the home up from the oil soot. It pays to have an oil gun burner looked at each year ED
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I have had it shut down since this morning. Earliest I could get someone to come out is tomorrow. Let you know what he finds.

Thanks for the replies.

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