A/C woes

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A/C woes

Well, today is Houston, the temp finally reached the A/C stage. I turned it on, but it does not cool It blows air just fine but the ar coming out of the vents is basically room temp.

Now, I dont expect someone to make a post here with the information I need to fix my A/C for 99 cents. I would like a little help, and judging from my experience on the other forums on the board, I think I can get that help!!

The main thing is that I dont want to get ripped off for a couple of grand when a couple of hundred would have fixed the problem.

Is there anything I can check myself to troublshoot or to determine what the problem is so the A/C dude doest do a 100 dollar repair and charge in $4,000?

Thank you kindly for your replies.
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Dear Charlie--

There are several common possiblities:

1. The outdoor unit is not running (if you have a split system).
2. The compressor is not running (if you have a split system)
3. Low refrigerant (freon)
4. Wiring problems

You should do the following before calling for service:

A. Check all the circuit breakers and fuses to make sure they are in working order.
B. Make sure your filter(s) are clean
C. Visually inspect the wiring where you can to insure it is not burnt or damaged.

If you give us more information about your a/c system, such as brand, model, age, thermostat type, what components seem to be running, etc., we might be able to give you other possiblities you can check.

Should you need to call for repairs, be sure to get a service company that is reputable, licensed, been around for a while and guarantees their work. Ask for a written estimate that is specific about the problem and get more than one opinion if the quote/diagnosis seems out of line.
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DIY.com comes through again!

I did the first thing you told me. I checked the circuit breaker at the fuse box. It was in the "on" position. I flipped it off then back on. I heard the outside unit come to life. I went inside and felt the cold air blowing through the vents! My house is cool now, but not as cool you!


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A/C woes

Charley, glad you got off cheap. Two things, when I lived in Houston, Houston Community College offered a "Air Conditioning for Homeowners" course. Probably the best $10 or so I ever spent. At the time we owned 16 rental units and I didn't yet have a reliable service company. I didn't want to do all my own A/C work, just the simple troubleshooting and change out the parts that I felt capable doing.

If you want to private message me I'll be happy to provide you with the name of the guys that did my service for the last 12 years until we sold all our Houston properties.


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