Coil leak!


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Coil leak!

We have a leak on the indoor coil of our central air unit. Our HVAC guy mentioned that he could spray something onto it or in it to stop the leak. He discovered the leak last week after reconnecting our air conditioner from when he replaced our furnace last fall, but just moved to out of state suddenly. Does anyone know what I'm talking about?
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if i told a customer that i too would move out of town! never heard of such. if the leak is in a copper tube that is accessible, it may be repairable. if aluminum, probably not. many indoor coils are replaced for this reason.
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coil leak

coil leak? bad furnace installation? afraid for your life...? and you are still using this guy to save you a few bucks?
how much is your and your family's life worth? if you are going to do it least have someone who knows a little about it come by and look it over.

Most states require that a licensed contractor do the job to minimun acceptable standards and be inspected. the permit is @ 30.00 and i do a professional furnace, coil, a/c lineset and media filter systems for $3,500. or so for say a 2 1/2 or 3 ton system.

Most older systems are oversized heat and under sized cooling and may need additional ductwork like a return or 2 added.

these systems have 20 year heat exchanger, 5 year coil and compressor warranties. heck i'll even through in a 5 year parts and labor warranty in free with a maintenance contract agreement.

So how much did you save? what are your and your family's safety and health worth...

If I were you.... I'd find the local county or state board of home inspestions department or HUD or such to inspect this installation thouroughly.. Your Life Could Depend on it...IT WOULD BE FREE...

[SIZE=3]If I were you.... I'd find the local county or state board of home inspestions department or HUD or such to inspect this installation thouroughly.. Your Life Could Depend on it...IT WOULD BE FREE...[/SIZE]

just a suggestion
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I had a whole bunch (about 5) of Rheem evaporator coils start leaking when they got to about 6 years old. I replaced them with new Rheem coils and they developed leaks almost immediately. I found that an Armstrong coil will fit in the old Rheem air handler very well and replaced the leakers with the Armstrong coil. No problems at all. This reply doesn't apply specifically to the question asked here, but if your unit is a Rheem, you may consider asking the next hvac repairman to replace your coil with something other than Rheem. There is nothing you can spray or schmear on the coil that will hold 250 psi. Sorry. Just have the coil replaced.

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spray something on or in the coil...i have a bridge you might be interested in buying also. nothing can be spayed on or in the coil to fix a leak....maybe to find the leak.....if it is a copper coil chances are it can be fixed..but many times the labor invloved is too high.....and if you got one leak say in a tube wall support you may be prone to more....change the coil and be sure...also too bad he left town, odds are he caused the leak.

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