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Vent Fans/HVAC

I live in an older house that has been updated with a central HVAC system. The room that is farthest from the HVAC system gets hot in the summer, cold in the winter. In order to better control the temperatures I need to get more air into the room. I realize that I could either run another duct or enlarge the one that goes to the room. Are there any other solutions? Could I put a fan inline that "sucks" more air through the duct for this room?

Thanks for any guidance that you can give me.
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You're referring to the use of an inline duct booster fan. You can put one in but why would you want to. You have to run extra power and/or control wiring to the booster plus open up the ductwork to install the device which subjects you to air leakages, duct breakage, insulation destruction and in some cases providing extra support for the booster assembly. And that's only if you have the room to install all of it. Then there is the expense of running the thing to provide a fraction of the amount of air you probably need to heat and cool the room in question.

In fewer words, use of an inline duct booster should be the last resort of providing increased airflow to a room when other means are available. Have you tried reducing some of the airflow to other rooms to gain more in the problem room? Sometimes a simple balancing for proper airflow to each room will solve the problem.

Without knowing more details about your home's construction, insulation, distance the room is from the blower section, whether or not you have a return air duct in the room, size of unit, etc., it is difficult to give you alternatives to solving your dilema.
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Thanks for your reply, firsthvac.

That is what I wanted to hear about the inline duct booster fan. I figured that would be the case.

I have tried adjusting the airflow to the other rooms. It does help, but not enough. I only have one air return for the entire house. It is two rooms away (roughly 50'). The rooms have open access (no closed doors) between the air return and the problem room.

There is one air supply duct to the room. I believe that it is a 6" duct. Would it be better for me to enlarge the duct? Or should I install a new return air from the problem room? If I added a new air return, how hard is it to tap into the existing return air plume(sp??)?

I have not worked with an HVAC system, but I do most work around my house myself. Please let me know if I will get over my head.

The room is a problem for two reasons. It is in an old part of my house (old windows, little insulation). It is also my office where I run 2-3 computers all the time.
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You need to enlarge or add ducting AND may have to add a means of returning more air but without being able to see the lay of the land I can't say for sure. To accurately find out, you should call a licensed experienced and reputable HVAC company from around your area. It may cost you a service call to find out what you need but it will save you the headache of trial and error to solve the problem. Should you need to have someone do the work for you, be sure to get two or three bids from licensed experienced and reputable HVAC companies who will guarantee their work in writing before having the work done. Ask your neighbors, friends, and co-workers who they use for doing a/c work in your area, since word of mouth speaks volumes for a companies reputation and reliability.

If ducting isn't feasible...perhaps having a supplementary form of heating/cooling installed is a possibility.

As for the difficulty in tapping the return air all depends on where it is and whether or not you can make a connection. Adding flexible duct is moderately easy to do while making a hard duct connection can be extremely difficult.
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